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<a></a>3 Benefits of Flossing Once A Day

3 Benefits of Flossing Once A Day

Flossing is such an important part of oral hygiene, yet so many people push it to the back of their priorities. We’re here to highlight just how important it is, and how putting aside just one minute each day to floss can completely transform your oral health. Your dentist Leamington Spa based or in London can help to give you personalised advice on the areas you might be missing, to make it as effective as possible. The floss itself is also super cheap, so it won’t be breaking the bank! So, let’s get into it and show you 3 of the benefits of flossing once a day, everyday.

Remove Food Build Up

The first benefit of flossing everyday is that it removes build up of food between the teeth. Even if you have perfectly straight teeth, it is so easy for food to get caught between them in places that aren’t visible to you. This is even more the case if you have slight imperfections in the teeth, where it is much easier for food to get jammed. Even the tiniest piece of food between your teeth can cause issues, eventually causing bacteria or tartar to build, which are really bad for your teeth.

Not to mention, having pieces of food stuck in your mouth indefinitely can also cause your breath to smell quite unpleasant, so you will notice your breath is naturally better when you are flossing. We would always recommend flossing at night rather than in the morning, as this will make sure that any food (as well as bacteria) is removed after you have finished all of your meals for the day, as you won’t be eating anything else when you are asleep so there is no risk of additional food getting stuck before you brush your teeth in the morning ready for the day ahead.

Remove Bacteria

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque on the teeth which contains bacteria, which eventually hardens and creates tartar, which can spread onto your gum line, causing the disease. This is avoidable when you floss everyday, as you will be removing the plaque from between the teeth and along with that the bacteria, so it doesn’t have a chance to develop into tartar and cause gum disease. This is one of the most important reasons that you should be flossing, as dedicating a small amount of time each day can save your teeth in the future!

More Effective Than Brushing Alone

The third benefit of flossing is that it is so much more effective than when you are brushing alone. Brushing your teeth is absolutely vital as it helps to remove any build up of bacteria, plaque, food and sugar from the surface of your teeth, however it is difficult for the toothbrush to get between the teeth and remove absolutely everything from the mouth. This is where flossing comes in, as it helps to really get between the teeth and make sure that nothing is left over that can cause damage. Those tight, hard to get into spaces in the mouth really need floss to be able to keep them properly clean and healthy. As mentioned, your private dentist will be able to highlight any areas that you need to put a bit more work into!