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A take a look at of ‘next gen medicines’ has been formulated in an IU lab

How a great deal does a molecule weigh? Nicely, that is dependent. Molecules, like people, arrive in several shapes and sizes.

That variance in dimension can signify a ton for researchers in the at any time-evolving pharmaceutical field. Molecular bodyweight is a important element to manufacturing — it can really be employed to determine how powerful a pharmaceutical drug is.

“Probably the single most essential piece of information and facts that you can get (from a mass) is its molecular weight — How large is it? How hefty is it? Mass spectrometry is a very exact way of measuring the masses of molecules,” distinguished IU professor Martin Jarrold claimed. 

Jarrold and fellow IU chemistry professor David Clemmer are the founders of Megadalton Methods, a start out-up company whose technology has built a major splash in the measurement subject.