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Agamon Health Completes Raise of $5M with Strategic Investment from eHealth Ventures to Automate Patient Workflows

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Israeli digital health start-up Agamon Health has announced the completion of a strategic investment round from eHealth Ventures, a leading VC focusing on Digital Health, extending its financing round to $5M. eHealth Ventures’ partners include the Mayo Clinic, Maccabi  (leading Israeli HMO), Amgen (global biotech giant), Medison Ventures, Arad Investments, and the Hadar Group. The funding will drive further development and commercialization of Agamon’s automation platform.

Streamlining Follow-Up Efficiency by Harnessing the Power of AI and NLP

Agamon is redefining patient management in radiology, replacing manual processes with smart automation – with the goal of bridging the patient care gap. This gap begins with radiology, where most care pathways start out and most common diseases are diagnosed. 60% of the subsequent follow-ups are missed, resulting in late diagnoses, missed revenues, and increased liability. Agamon’s Automated Follow-Up Platform specializes in understanding medical reports and translating them into actions, using advanced AI and natural language processing. The platform’s algorithm was trained on over 20M reports.

Agamon’s solution is deployed at some of the largest healthcare organizations in the US demonstrating a more streamlined and efficient follow-up management process. Results show an increase of over 55% in patient adherence, improving patient outcomes, reducing health system liability, and generating new financial value for health systems and radiology practices.

Patients Management, Reimagined.

“We have deployed Agamon’s solution at Henry Ford Health System, to close the patient care gap” shares Dr. Daniel Siegal, former Vice Chair of Radiology at Henry Ford System. “With Agamon we have managed to identify three times more follow-up recommendations, previously buried in the radiology reports. Agamon offers not just a technological solution, but also workflow improvement that focuses on quality and outcomes. I believe Agamon can provide a much-needed solution in radiology patient management, allowing us to bridge this healthcare gap that affects so many lives every day.”

A Vote of Confidence in the Potential of Automated Workflow Management

“Automation is the future of patient management and Agamon’s novel technology is bridging the gap in patient workflow management. We are happy to participate in this round of financing and are sure to bring added strategic value to the company,” says Talor Sax, CEO of eHealth Ventures, a leading investor in early-stage digital health companies.

“This strategic investment coming from industry leaders supports the vision of redefining patient management with AI automation,” says Michal Meiri, Agamon Health’s CEO. “Through our deployments in some of the largest US healthcare organizations, we have demonstrated a significant increase in patient adherence, helping our customers drive new financial value and improve patient outcomes. We are committed to further advance patient workflow management, introducing new solutions to the market and empowering the providers in bridging the healthcare gap.”

About Agamon

Agamon was co-founded by Michal Meiri and Omri Sivan. The company has raised investments from eHealth, MMC, Inhealth ventures and Seedcamp. Agamon’s solution is successfully deployed in leading US healthcare institutions. The company is currently working on new innovations that will be presented at RSNA 2022.

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