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Chiropractors prioritizing health and wellness

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Dr. Coleen Denton Prater at her gym, Pure Function CrossFit, where she coaches classes in addition to helping patients at her chiropractic office.

Dr. Coleen Denton-Prater didn’t always know she wanted to go into the family business. Her father knew since the eighth grade that he would be a chiropractic physician, but it wasn’t until she was finishing her undergraduate degree that she realized she could pursue her passion in nutrition and fitness as a chiropractor.

“I love the focus of fitness and health,” said Denton-Prater, a Pleasant grad who completed her first degree at Miami University.

For her senior capstone, Denton-Prater studied the most accurate way to measure and evaluate body composition. She believed that to follow her love, she would be working in a hospital. Her father, Dr. Max Denton, informed her that she could specialize in nutrition and fitness as a chiropractor.

Dr. Coleen Denton-Prater (front-left) joined her father’s (front-center) chiropractic practice alongside her husband (front-right). Denton-Prater is now the owner of Denton-Prater Chiropractic and Natural Health.

After Denton-Prater started at National University of Health Sciences, Denton encouraged his daughter to look into acupuncture. Denton-Prater said she wasn’t really interested, but took it as an elective anyway. Later, she started taking additional courses on weekends and eventually would join the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncturists, a board she served on for six years.

Acupuncture wasn’t the only thing Denton-Prater brought back with her to Marion. She met her husband, Dr. Tim Prater, who was the student athletic director at the National University of Health Sciences. As Prater was organizing the Chiro Games, the two became friends.