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Dr Carrie Jose presents 4 suggestions to stay clear of neck and back pain when touring

Carrie Jose

Memorial Day weekend is the “unofficial” start off of summer season – and AAA estimates that 39.2 million people today will vacation this weekend. That is 8.3% far more than last 12 months, and it’s heading to indicate the exacerbation of neck and back again soreness for a lot of folks out there – especially the more than 40 group. 

So why does touring wreak these types of havoc on our spines?  

Road visits, planes and trains typically involve loads of sitting and driving, which necks and backs just do not like when carried out frequently and for prolonged periods. You’re commonly off your routine when you vacation, and sleep on surfaces you are not accustomed to.  Any a person of these factors – but in particular when mixed together – can flare up previous styles of neck and again ache.