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Living Health’s Dr. Stephanie Chaney Presents at the 30th Annual World Congress: Longevity Fest 2022

During the Event, Dr. Chaney Spoke About a Personalized Functional Medicine Approach to the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

ANNAPOLIS, MD / ACCESSWIRE / December 19, 2022 / Dr. Stephanie Chaney, one of the Co-Founders of Living Health Integrative Medicine, is pleased to announce that she recently made a presentation about Type 2 Diabetes at the 30th Annual World Congress: Longevity Fest 2022.

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During the 3-day event, which took place from December 9-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Chaney presented on a personalized functional medicine approach to the management of Type 2 Diabetes. This involves a drug-free, non-surgical approach that is based on current research and addresses the underlying causes of Type 2 Diabetes.

About the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s 30th Annual World Congress: Longevity Fest 2022
The 30th Annual World Congress: Longevity Fest 2022 was presented by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

The event featured highly impactful sessions led by a collection of the industry’s top providers and visionaries. Presentations included topics on cutting edge research and treatment in areas pertaining to longevity and quality of life.

In addition to featuring educational sessions and presentations, this year’s World Congress in anti-aging medicine celebrated building on 30 years of excellence.

About Dr. Stephanie Chaney and Functional Medicine
Dr. Stephanie Chaney is a doctor who specializes in a holistic and progressive approach to healthcare. Along with her husband, Dr. Tom Chaney, they focus on using functional medicine in their Living Health Integrative Medicine office.

Functional medicine treats the imbalance and dysfunction, not the symptoms of disease. People with the same named disease many times have different imbalances and causes. Functional medicine is based in the biology of the human body and science, and that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.

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About Living Health Integrative Medicine
Living Health Integrative Medicine is a holistic health office that focuses on treating the root causes of disease. They have been in practice since 2001. For more information, please visit

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