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Melvyn Bragg’s ’15 months of horrible health’ symptoms – most cancers and collapsed lung

Melvyn Bragg’s ’15 months of horrible health’ symptoms – most cancers and collapsed lung

Veteran Television set presenter Melvyn Bragg opened up about his “15 months of terrible bad overall health” in the course of which he expert “a pair of cancers” and a collapsed lung. The star, who presented The South Lender Sky Awards ceremony at The Savoy Resort earlier this thirty day period, reported he experienced a “rotten time for two or 3 decades”.

Melvyn discovered his wellbeing problems in response to a concern about “looking tired” back in 2020.

The 82-calendar year-aged described: “Well, I didn’t go on about it and I’m not heading to go on about it now.

“I had a rotten time for two or a few a long time.

“I experienced a couple of cancers, I experienced a collapsed lung, I had all sorts of issues.”

A year beforehand, in 2019, he mentioned: “I have experienced 15 months of horrible undesirable health and fitness.

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“And I’m not really crystal clear of cancer however. But I’m very well on the way. But that depletes you.

“I had viral pneumonia, a collapsed lung, a new hip. The most cancers was very horrible.”

On the other hand, his well being has been increasing about the last couple of years, allowing for him to return to some hosting operate.

Speaking to the Radio Instances, he said: “But I look to have received by way of.

“I try to wander every working day, and which is developing up.

“My spouse tells me what to do. You get via these factors if you are lucky.”

Prevalent most cancers symptoms to seem out for

Cancer can consider on numerous kinds and so, as a consequence, there are various indications affiliated with the ailment.

Some of these are much more apparent than many others, and several can be conveniently missed in the disease’s early stages.

In accordance to the NHS: “It is really important to be aware of any new or stressing signs and symptoms.

“Whilst it is really unlikely to be most cancers, it can be important to communicate to a GP so they can examine. Getting cancer early suggests it’s simpler to treat.

“If your GP suspects most cancers, they’re going to refer you to a specialist – normally within two weeks.”

Variations in bowel routines

If you detect improvements to your bowel habits long lasting more time than a few months, you ought to communicate to your GP.

These can involve:

  • Tummy pain
  • Blood in your stool
  • Diarrhoea or constipation for no apparent explanation
  • A experience of not acquiring totally emptied your bowels soon after going to the bathroom
  • Discomfort in your tummy or again passage
  • Your stools are loose, pale or search greasy
  • Bloating

If you working experience bloating for a few weeks or far more you need to communicate to a GP.


Any unexplained or unanticipated bleeding really should be referred to your GP.

Unpredicted bleeding can be identified in your urine, when coughing or in your vomit.

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Coughing, chest ache breathlessness

Speak to a GP if you have experienced a cough or any involved symptom for three weeks or a lot more.


If you discover unusual or unpredicted lumps in your entire body you should really converse to your GP.

You need to also shell out consideration to any lumps modifying in dimensions.

The NHS said: “It is significant to consistently check your breasts, underarms, groin and testicles for any new lumps or adjustments.


Converse to a GP if you have a mole that:

  • changes condition or texture
  • changes color, receives darker or has more than two colours
  • begins itching, crusting, flaking or bleeding
  • will get more substantial or a lot more lifted from the pores and skin.

Unexplained body weight decline

You must also talk to a GP if you have missing a good deal of bodyweight in excess of the previous few of months which can not be defined by alterations to your diet program, training or tension.

Tummy or back ache

If you knowledge pain anywhere in your tummy or back and you are not absolutely sure what is creating it, you must discuss to your GP.

This features a boring soreness that’s often there or a sharp discomfort that arrives and goes.

Indigestion and heartburn

Some cancers can give you indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux.

This can sense like burning in your upper body (heartburn) and make you burp or hiccup more than common.

Discuss to a GP if you get any of these signs routinely and are not certain why you’re acquiring them.

Itchy or yellow pores and skin

Itchy pores and skin, a yellow tinge to your pores and skin or the whites of your eyes can be a indicator of jaundice.

You might also discover darker urine.

Emotion tired and unwell

With some cancers, the signs and symptoms can be more difficult to see.

If you discover you are sensation weaker than regular, a lot more drained or unwell, you must stop by your GP.