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Three-2 Health & Fitness Trainer Brandy Sears Helps Clients Feel Their Best

By Zach Sparks

Brandy Sears almost pursued a career in nursing because she has a strong passion for helping people. Instead, she ventured into health and fitness, another passion that also allows her to make a daily difference in the lives of others.

“I have been a certified personal trainer for six years and I have always been driven as far as health and fitness,” Brandy said. “I love helping others to achieve their goals and helping to change their mindsets.”

Helping older individuals is especially rewarding for Brandy.

“I enjoy building connections with all of my clients while helping them build confidence in themselves,” she said. “Evaluations from my clients emphasize their appreciation for my way of training as well as my communication skills. My clients compliment my way of training as well as my communication skills, which are very important in this position.”

When she is training with her senior clients especially, Brandy states, “It’s important to make it a priority in reminding older clients that it isn’t about what they can’t do, rather, finding what they are capable of.

“A client may come into the studio firsthand, feeling uncertain of their fitness abilities, but they will always leave feeling secure and confident in what they’ve accomplished,” she added.

Brandy starts new clients with a baseline assessment. Modifications are then made to design individualized exercises to meet their needs.

“Classes start with the basics and then we go from there,” Brandy said.

A maximum of three people are in a group, offering each client individual time to address their needs. A small group naturally creates a fun atmosphere for everyone. No matter each person’s prior fitness experience, Brandy can help them reach their short-term and long-term goals.

The senior program focuses on flexibility, mobility, and functional training.

“Some trainers have very specific methods,” Brandy said. “Amongst all the different ways to train, these classes focus on functional training. We never have the same workout twice, and we always focus on the whole body. It’s not about how much weight you can push or move but how functional your body is in motion.

“It’s fun, positive, creative and upbeat,” she said. “We work hard but can also have a good time.”

Three-2 Fitness is located at 770 Governor Ritchie Highway, Suite W11, in Severna Park. Contact Brandy Sears for availability and to book a session.

To learn more, visit or follow the trainers on Facebook and Instagram @three2healthfitness.

Photo by Zach Sparks

Certified personal trainer Brandy Sears helps individuals adopt a positive mindset, allowing them to reach their health and fitness goals.,35357