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TikTok Restaurant-Style Queso (With Video)

Nothing is better than queso and chips at your favorite restaurant. It’s the perfect appetizer before a Mexican-style dinner or the ideal midday snack. And luckily for us, there’s a delicious new queso dip recipe making its rounds on TikTok and Instagram that rivals even the best take-out version. 

The trending recipe is quick, easy and tastes just like something you get from your local Mexican spot. Plus, with tailgate season in full swing and the Super Bowl on the horizon, there’s no beating a solid, restaurant-style queso recipe for your Sunday football parties.

What makes this dip even better is it only requires a few simple ingredients that you can make quickly if you’re in a pinch for time, or let it sit if you have all the time in the world. If you have one, you can also cook it in a slow cooker and keep it warm for however long you want, letting the cheese stay melted and fresh for dipping.

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What is restaurant-style queso?

Queso is a thick and creamy melted cheese dip that is great for any party or a night in for Taco Tuesday. Queso blanco is specifically made with white cheeses, making it a little more delicate than other types of queso. This new trending recipe gives you the perfect homemade white queso—saving you money and time. You’ll be the star in anyone’s eyes if you bring this dip around. It’s great as an appetizer before your big taco dinner or even great for dip parties, easy to double or even triple the recipe. There are countless viral TikToks showing off the popular recipe, like @bently.bbq’s recipe.