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Tips for Gym Newbies – Fabulous Arizona

With the new year right around the corner, many people are thinking about rejoining the gym or joining one for the first time. Here are five things to consider if you are a gym newbie or if it’s been a long time since you have had a gym membership.

The location of the gym

The location of the gym is important since you want to choose a option either close to your home or within the direction that you drive most days. If the gym is too far, you may find yourself making an excuse that you can’t go because it’s too far to drive. If you are serious about achieving your health and fitness goals, then you want to make the gym location convenient for you to help eliminate excuses. 

The price of the gym membership

Most gyms offer different price points for its monthly gym memberships based on the amenities that you want. Some gym memberships just apply to a single location while others allow you to go to all of its locations, if it’s a chain gym. Consider the price of the membership; is it a price that you can afford and continue paying? If the membership is more than what you can really afford, you may find yourself canceling your membership since you can no longer afford it and then you are putting yourself at risk of not accomplishing your health fitness goals. 


The amenities that the gym offers

Most gyms offer several different amenities such as fitness classes, a swimming pool, a sauna, towels, massage chairs, a smart scale, tanning beds, showers, lockers and gym attire and supplements for a separate purchase. When considering the amenities at the gym, think of what is most important to you as a gym newbie. What do you enjoy doing at the gym besides exercising? What are things that you feel are a must that you need when you go to the gym? You will find that larger chain gyms offer a lot of similar amenities, whereas smaller, locally owned gyms may not have as many amenities. Some gyms are more luxurious with added comforts, and some gyms are just basic gyms with weights and workout machines.  

The personal training programs 

The majority of gyms will have certified personal trainers that include different priced training programs in addition to your monthly membership cost. Most gyms will offer you a complimentary health fitness assessment with a personal trainer to help you understand what their training program offers and how they can help you achieve your goals as a gym newbie. The prices can vary depending on how many days you want to train and if you have health problems or injuries. Most trainers specialize in certain things such as corrective exercising to help if you have had injuries, weight loss and nutrition, athletic training or bodybuilding, to name a few. Hiring a trainer can help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster since they can educate you on proper exercise technique and form and will help hold you accountable on the days that it feels hard.

The vibe/environment of the gym

The vibe and environment of the gym can be very important. When you walk into the gym that you are considering, how does it feel to you? Does it feel overcrowded with too many people using the equipment? Does it feel calm with friendly welcoming staff? Are the music and TVs blasting? Does it look clean and well kept? What population of people do you notice, do they seem like your age, older or younger? The environment of the gym will either make you feel excited to go or make you feel anxious and nervous about going. Choose a gym that helps you feel motivated to go to help ensure you stick with your health and fitness goals.  

As one can see, there are many things to consider when choosing a gym that is right for you that meet your health and fitness needs. Do your research before you join. Most gyms have a website where you can check and compare prices and even set up an appointment with a gym team member to take a tour of their gym before you become a member. Be informed, take action and go conquer your health and fitness goals!